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Plant Love Radio

Nov 27, 2017

KP Khalsa is a foremost authority in the field - a practitioner, teacher, writer and more. 
I've been learning the concepts of herbalism, Ayurvedic medicine and nutritional therapy from KP for the past 10 years, and am incredibly humbled to have him as a guest today.
In this episode he explores the past, present...

Nov 19, 2017

My today's guest is Bevin Clare.

Bevin is someone I deeply admire and respect - a thoughtful practitioner, inspiring educator and researcher, well-respected professional, and just amazingly fun person.  

Learn today how to begin your explorations in the field of herbal medicine.

Show Notes:

Nov 13, 2017

Welcome to the 1st episode of a podcast where you explore how you can create a better and healthier life.

In this episode, Lana talks about her journey, inspiration for this podcast and more. 

Show Notes: