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Plant Love Radio

Oct 31, 2018

​My guest is ​Lisa Estabrook. Lisa is a ​graphic designer, an artist and a​ gardener. She has over ​30 years of experience working in her gardens, tending and talking to the flowers and plants that grow there. 

​Her intention, through her art, is to share the healing wisdom of the plants that graciously...

Oct 10, 2018

​My guest is Dan Clapp. Dan is an engineer by training, yet few years back he discovered a new passion he is excited to share with the world.

​Today, together with his family, he owns 1634 Meadery in Ipswich, Massachusetts. This is where he makes mead by fermenting honey and creating interesting combinations...

Oct 3, 2018

My guest ​is ​Maria Noel Groves. ​With more than 20 years experience in herbalism, ​Maria strives to educate and empower her students, clients, and readers with the foundational believe that Good Health Grows in Nature. 

Maria is a journalist who has been formally educated by the country's top herbalists. ​She...