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Plant Love Radio

Dec 11, 2018

My today's guest ​is Leslie Cerier.  I have chatted with Leslie previously on this podcast about spices.

Leslie is an international gourmet personal chef, educator, cookbook author and recipe developer. She specializes in vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free whole foods and organic cuisine. 

Leslie is a pioneer and...

Dec 5, 2018

​My today's guest is ​Eric Parkes. He is an architect with a lifelong passion for chocolate. In 2010 Eric stumbled on the art of chocolate making during a trip to Costa Rica. This discovery lead to the next several years of ​nearly-continuous and obsessive chocolate making and creation of his company,...

Nov 28, 2018

​My today's guest is ​a true a mycophile (or lover of mushrooms) and his name is Jeff Chilton. ​Jeff ​studied ethno-mycology at the University of Washington in the late sixties and started working on a commercial mushroom farm ​upon graduation.                  

In ​1989 he started a medicinal mushroom...

Nov 14, 2018

​My today's guest is ​Sara Chana Silverstein. Sara Chana is an Registered Herbalist RH (AHG) who ​introduces her clients to herbs and teaches them how to include ​plants in their lives to help them feel stronger and more able to cope both emotionally and physically. ​

She is also an author, columnist,...

Nov 7, 2018

I first met my today's guest when I took her class on herbal oil making and has been fascinated by her work ever since. Her name is Kami McBride. 

Over the past 30+ years she has been teaching and inspiring others how to use herbs in their daily lives for cooking, gardening, skin care, stress reduction and preventative...